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How Sterling's fabric labels came to be:

In 1901 Howard Deming opened a stationery shop in Winsted, Connecticut that he called Sterling Press. Soon after, Howard began experimenting with using his printing equipment to print names on strips of cloth for use in laundries. He quickly came up with a product, which he called Name Tapes. He began selling them to hospitals, convents, nursing homes, schools, and more.

By 1927 his new invention was a great success and Howard had renamed his business the Sterling Name Tape Company. Hiring more employees and needing more space he moved his growing company into a four-story former warehouse about half a mile from where he began. Soon, Sterling Name Tape was selling Name Tapes in all sorts of variations, Iron-on, Sew-on, and even Woven Name Tapes.

In the early 1980s, Howard's grandson, Jim Barrett, having just taken over the business, looked to expand its offerings by introducing Custom Garment Labels. Today, still housed in the same four-story brick building in downtown Winsted and still run by the descendants of Howard Deming, the Sterling Name Tape Company offers an array of fabric labeling options. You can find Custom Labels in both Printed and Woven versions; as well as Name Tapes, Size labels, and Care & Content labels.

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